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Best petrol lawnmower in the UK: 2024’s top models reviewed

Best Petrol Lawnmower

Drawing on years of testing various models, I’ve streamlined the process of choosing the best petrol lawnmower to make it straightforward for you. Petrol mowers are ideal for their cordless convenience, power, and durability, especially in larger gardens with tough grass and uneven terrain. To find your perfect fit, consider your garden’s size and landscape.

Look for key features like engine power, cutting width, self propulsion, cutting options and the reliability and aftersales support and spare parts. Whether you have a small lawn or a vast, challenging space, there’s a top-performing model out there for you. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for your mower’s longevity and peak performance.

You’ll find a range of petrol lawnmowers at various UK retailers, with prices to match every budget. By understanding the essentials and exploring common questions, you can confidently select a mower that meets your and your garden’s needs.

Top Petrol Lawnmowers for Every Garden Size

In selecting the top petrol lawnmowers, we prioritise efficiency, durability, and suitability for various garden sizes to ensure you get the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Overall – Murray EQ2-500X Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

The Murray EQ2-500X stands out for its robust performance across different types of terrain. It’s a self-propelled model, making it less strenuous to operate, and comes with a reliable Briggs & Stratton engine that provides consistent power. This mower is an excellent fit for those who desire quality and ease of use in one package.

Small Gardens – Hyundai 16″/40cm 79cc HYM400P Petrol Lawnmower

The Hyundai 16″/40cm 79cc petrol lawnmower is ideal for smaller gardens. Its compact size, combined with a lightweight design, makes it easy to navigate in tight spaces. This push mower might be small, but it has a cutter that delivers a clean and even cut, representing the best value in its category.

Medium-Sized Gardens – Sprint 460P Push Petrol Lawn Mower

For medium-sized gardens, the Sprint 460P Push Petrol Lawn Mower strikes a balance between size and power. It avoids the complexity of self-propulsion for those who prefer a straightforward push mower with a powerful engine suitable for medium garden lawns.

Large Gardens – Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc HYM510SP Petrol Lawnmower

Large gardens require a more powerful and efficient tool, which the Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc petrol lawnmower offers. This heavy-duty mower has a wide cutting width and a high-capacity engine to cover large areas quickly, making it one of the best petrol lawnmowers for extensive garden spaces.

Professional-Grade Mower Options – Petrol Lawnmower

In the UK, professional-grade petrol mowers are synonymous with reliability and efficiency, and leading brands like Hayter, Honda, and Stihl offer some of the most esteemed models in the market. Hayter is well-regarded for its Harrier range, with models such as the Harrier 56 Pro, boasting a robust build and features tailored for heavy-duty use. Honda’s HRX series, particularly the HRX 537 HY, is celebrated for its powerful engines and innovative Versamow system, allowing users to mulch and collect clippings simultaneously. Stihl’s RM series, including the RM 655 VS, stands out with its Vario-Speed drive and precision cutting. These professional-grade mowers are designed to tackle expansive and challenging landscapes with ease, ensuring pristine lawns with every use.

Choosing the Right Petrol Lawnmower

Choosing the Right Petrol Lawnmower

When determining the best petrol lawnmower for your garden, consider the cutting width and cutting height. A broader cutting width covers more area quickly, suitable for large gardens. Adjustability in cutting height facilitates the perfect trim for your lawn, regardless of grass length.

Look for mowers with useful featuresSelf-propelled mowers make mowing less physically demanding, particularly on slopes. Push mowers, although requiring more effort, are more affordable and preferable for level and smaller areas.

Mulching capability is beneficial, as it cuts the grass into fine clippings and disperses them back onto the lawn, providing nutrients to the soil. For manoeuvrability, choose a lightweight model if you need to navigate around obstacles with ease.

Engine type matters as well. Four-stroke engines are more common in petrol lawn mowers because they’re typically more powerful and efficient than two-stroke engines. Ensure the engine is from a reputable brand to guarantee longevity and reliability.

Always consider safety in the design, such as a robust steel deck to protect from flying debris and the inclusion of spark plugs that are easily accessible for maintenance. If you often mow damp grass, look for a model with a hose attachment for cleaning the cutting deck.

Finally, mowers with foldable handles save on storage space and those featuring a recoil start are standard for ease of use. We might also consider the impact of models like self-propelled petrol lawn mowers against corded electric mowers. The former offers unrestricted mobility compared to the corded counterpart, though cordless electric models are gaining popularity.

Remember, a lawn mower is an investment in your garden, so opt for durability, ease of use, and the right features for your specific needs.

Petrol Lawnmower Maintenance and Care

Petrol Lawnmower Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your petrol lawnmower is essential for ensuring its longevity and durability. Here, we’ll guide you through the basic care procedures to keep your mower running at peak performance.

Oil Check and Replacement: Regularly check the oil level and top up as necessary. We recommend changing the oil after every 25 to 50 hours of use. This helps maintain optimal cutting power and protects the engine components.

  • Grass Collection: Our mowers come with either a grass bag or collection box. After use, empty the grass clippings to prevent rot and maintain hygienic conditions. Cleaning the bag or box also prevents blockages that can affect performance.
  • Spark Plug Maintenance: The spark plug requires attention to ensure a smooth start. We advise checking it seasonally and replacing it if necessary. This fosters consistent starting and operational efficiency.
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: It’s important to adjust the cutting height to suit the grass length and type. Adjusting is simple, and doing so ensures an evenly cut lawn and reduces strain on the mower.
  • Power Cable and OHV Care: If your model includes a power cable or features an OHV engine, regular checks are crucial for safety and function. For corded models, inspect the cable for damage before each use. For OHV engines, checking the valves can prevent operational issues.

Assembly and Storage:

  • Always ensure your lawnmower is easy to assemble before use and is properly stored afterwards. Correct assembly is vital for its function, and a dry, clean storage area protects from rust and weather damage.

By following these maintenance steps, we ensure our petrol lawnmowers operate powerfully and reliably.

Where to Buy and What to Expect in Terms of Price

When looking to purchase the best petrol lawnmower in the UK, we have a wealth of options at our disposal. Major retailers such as B&Q, Argos, and Homebase often stock a wide range of models from reputable brands. It’s also worth checking out specialist garden machinery shops for expert advice and competitive pricing.

Where to Buy and What to Expect in Terms of Price

Prices can vary significantly depending on the specifications and brand of the lawnmower. Here is a simple breakdown of what one might expect:

  • Affordable Range: £150 – £250
  • Mid-Range: £250 – £500
    • Brands: Hyundai and Mountfield, known for their durability and power
    • Example: Mountfield SP53, a robust choice favoured by many British gardeners
  • High-End Range: £500 and above
    • Brands: High performance and advanced features
    • Example: HRH 536 QX 4-Wheel, offers premium power and efficiency

These prices are indicative and may differ from retailer to retailer. Prospective buyers should check the latest prices and look out for seasonal sales or discounts.

In terms of expectations, investing in a British brand like Mountfield can often assure quality and after-sale support. However, foreign brands such as Hyundai provide robust alternatives with competitive pricing. We advise considering the balance between price and power to find the best value for money.

When it comes to the purchase, our buyer’s guide suggests looking for warranty options and the availability of spare parts. View detailed product specifications to ensure the lawnmower meets your garden’s needs. Remember to take stock of both pros and cons before making an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring the best petrol lawnmowers in the UK, there are several queries we often encounter. We’ll address these, focusing on brands, suitability for various garden sizes and terrains, affordability, and aesthetics.

What are the top-rated brands for petrol lawnmowers in the UK?

The top-rated brands for petrol lawnmowers in the UK include Honda, Hayter, and Mountfield. These brands are praised for their durability, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Which self-propelled petrol lawnmowers are recommended for large gardens?

For large gardens, we recommend self-propelled petrol lawnmowers such as the Honda HRX 537 or the Hayter Harrier 56. They offer robust engines and wide cutting decks to cover more area efficiently.

How do I choose a reliable petrol lawnmower suitable for uneven terrain?

When selecting a petrol lawnmower for uneven terrain, look for features such as adjustable cutting heights, large rear wheels, and a robust suspension system. A model like the Mountfield SP555V excels in providing stability and adaptability on varied landscapes.

What are some affordable high-quality petrol lawnmowers available in the UK?

Affordable high-quality petrol lawnmowers include options like the Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S and the Murray EQ400. They provide good performance without the premium price tag of some higher-end models.

Can you suggest a petrol lawnmower with a roller for a perfectly striped finish?

The Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive is a petrol lawnmower with a rear roller that creates a perfectly striped finish on your lawn. It’s ideal for achieving that classic British garden look.

What criteria should I consider when selecting a petrol lawnmower for a smaller garden?

For smaller gardens, consider a petrol lawnmower that is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and has a narrower cutting width. The Webb Classic WER460SP 46cm is a model that meets these criteria and performs well in more confined spaces.




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