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Best Electric Corded Lawnmower in the UK: Top Models for Your Garden Care

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Best Electric Lawnmower UK

Over the years, I’ve tested a multitude of mowers and have chronicled my experiences on my YouTube channel, where you can watch me rigorously evaluate each mower. Now, when it comes to picking out the best electric corded lawnmower for use here in the UK, I’ve had my fair share of hands-on trials with the many options out there, each with its own unique selling points and advantages.

I’ve always found corded electric lawnmowers to be a reliable choice for keeping gardens looking sharp and well-kept. They’re lighter on the environment compared to petrol mowers and save me the trouble of worrying about battery life, unlike their cordless cousins. The uninterrupted power supply is a godsend, especially when I’m in the zone and want to get the whole lawn done in one go, which is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns like mine.

But it’s not just about the specs; the size and layout of your garden play a huge role in deciding on a corded lawnmower. I’ve found that a mower which can nimbly navigate around my flower beds and various garden features is a total game-changer, making the task of lawn maintenance not just efficient but actually quite satisfying.


Key Takeaways

  • Electric corded lawnmowers provide uninterrupted cutting with less environmental impact.
  • Features such as cutting width and height adjustments are crucial when choosing a model.
  • The garden’s size and complexity should guide the selection of an appropriate mower.

My best choice electric lawn mowers at a glance:

Best Overall
Best Value for Small Lawns
Best Value for Medium Lawns
Best Value Larger Lawns

Top Models and Their Reviews

In our search for the best electric corded lawnmowers in the UK, we’ve meticulously reviewed several top models. Below, we discuss each model’s key features and performance, as outlined in consumer reviews.

Best Overall Corded Electric Mower:
LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M

Best Overall Corded Electric Mower

The LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M is recognised for its excellent value for money and versatility among users. It features five cutting heights, ranging from 20mm to 70mm, which can be easily adjusted to suit various lawn types. A highlight in reviews is the lawnmower’s powerful 1800W motor, which ensures efficient cutting even on tougher grass. Its weight is also praised for providing a solid feel without compromising on manoeuvrability.

Main Features

  • 40cm cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 cutting options – cut & collect, mulch and rear discharge
  • T-drive automatic power adjustment
  • 6 cutting heights
  • 42 litre grass box
  • Rear roller
  • Mulching plug supplied
  • Carry handle
  • 10m power cable

Why I Chose this Mower as the Best Overall.

LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M Verdict

When it comes to finding the best electric corded lawnmower, the LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M stands out as my top pick, and I’ve personally put this machine to the test on my own lawn to ensure it meets the high standards I set for my recommendations. The value for money with this mower is exceptional; it’s budget-friendly without compromising on quality or performance. While it may not match the premium brands in every aspect, it certainly holds its own, offering a robust build and reliable functionality that’s hard to find at this price point.

What really sets the LawnMaster apart is the wealth of features that come standard. Unlike many competitors, this mower includes a mulching plug, allowing you to mulch your grass clippings back into the lawn, providing natural fertilizer and a healthier lawn over time. You also have the ability to rear discharge the cuttings as well as cut & collect. Comfort is also a priority, with padded handles that make mowing less of a chore and more of a pleasure. The hybrid collection box is a thoughtful addition, and the automatic power adjustment is a smart feature that optimizes energy use. Plus, the rear roller is perfect for achieving that classic striped lawn look that so many homeowners desire.

I’ve also found that the availability of spare parts and the customer service provided by LawnMaster are second to none, ensuring that any issues can be swiftly resolved and your mower can keep running smoothly for years to come. And lastly, the proof is in the performance; this mower gives a fantastic cut and excels at picking up all the clippings, leaving your lawn looking pristine. Don’t just take my word for it – you can see the mower in action in my video review, where I demonstrate its capabilities and show exactly why the LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M is my definitive choice for the best electric corded mower overall.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, I have managed to get you a 10% discount if you purchase direct from LawnMaster using discount code EASY10 at checkout – see link below. They will even deliver next day in the UK for free.

LawnMaster 40cm MEB1840M Video Review


[letsreview postid=”24861″]


LawnMaster 40cm Full Review


Best Value Corded Electric Mower for Small Lawns:
Webb Classic WEER33

Webb Classic WEER33 - Best for small lawns

Crafted with a rear roller, the Webb WEER33 not only cuts with precision but also allows users to create a traditional striped lawn effect. This model comes with multiple cutting height options, offering a range between 25mm to 65mm. Reviewers appreciate the model’s lightweight design coupled with its durable build. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 10-metre cable is reported to provide ample reach for most small to medium gardens.

Main Features

  • For Lawns of up to 350m²
  • Blade Length: 33cm
  • Weight: 8.8 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Height: 5 (25mm – 65mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 35 L
  • Power: 1300 Watts
  • Cable Length: 10 m
  • Central Height Adjustment
  • Folding Handle
  • Push-Mower

Why I Chose this Mower as the Best Corded Electric Mower for Small Lawns.

Best Corded Electric Mower for Small Lawns

For those with smaller lawns, my top recommendation is unequivocally the Webb WEER33 electric lawnmower. Having personally tested this mower on a more modest patch of green, I can attest to its suitability for the task. The compact design is a standout feature, with a 33cm deck size that makes it easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces and garden features. Despite its smaller footprint, it doesn’t skimp on capacity, boasting a substantial 35-litre collection box that’s impressive for its size class.

Weighing in at just 8.8kg, the Webb WEER33 is a lightweight champion, making it a breeze to push around the garden without causing strain or fatigue. This ease of use is further enhanced by its range of 5 cutting heights, ranging from 25mm to 65mm, allowing for precision and adaptability in how you want your lawn to look. The 1300w motor is perfectly tailored for smaller lawns, providing ample power for areas up to 300m² without the unnecessary bulk and energy consumption of larger models.

Storage is often a concern for those with limited space, and the Webb WEER33 addresses this beautifully with its folding handles. This feature ensures that the mower can be tucked away neatly in the shed or garage without taking up valuable real estate. As a British brand, Webb also brings a reputation for reliability and construction quality to the table, and this mower lives up to that legacy. It’s well-built and delivers an impressive cut, leaving your lawn looking tidy and well-maintained.

The combination of its compact size, light weight, and thoughtful design features, such as the generous collection box and adjustable cutting heights, make the Webb WEER33 electric lawnmower my go-to recommendation for anyone with a small lawn. It’s a mower that doesn’t compromise on performance or convenience, and I’m confident in its ability to keep your garden looking its best. There are also larger versions of this mower available – Webb Classic WEER36 1600W 36cm and the Webb Classic WEER40 1800W 40cm.

[letsreview postid=”10171″] Webb WEER33 Full Review


Best Value Corded Electric Mower for Average Sized Lawns:
Mountfield Princess 38

Best Corded Electric Mower for Average Sized Lawns

The Mountfield Princess 38 is a 1600 watt electric corded lawn mower that has a 38cm cutting deck and 3-in-1 cutting system including collect, mulch and rear discharge of the grass cuttings. This mower is designed for medium sized lawns, has 6 height positions from 25mm to 75mm and a very respectable rigid 40 litre grass collection box. It is fitted with a rear roller for a luxury striped appearance and is supplied with a 15 metre cable.

Why I Chose this Mower as the Best Corded Electric Mower for Average Sized Lawns.

For those with medium-sized lawns, which are pretty common across the UK, I find the Mountfield Princess 38 electric lawnmower to be the best-in-class option. My hands-on experience with this mower, thoroughly tested on my own lawn, has solidified my confidence in its abilities, and I’ve detailed its performance in a comprehensive video review for those who want to see it in action.

The 38cm deck size of the Mountfield Princess 38 strikes the perfect balance for average-sized gardens, providing enough width to make quick work of the grass while remaining agile enough to navigate around typical garden obstacles. The 40-litre collection box is another point in its favour, offering a capacity that reduces the frequency of emptying interruptions during your mowing session.

A robust 1600w motor powers this machine, making it suitable for lawns up to 350m². It’s this power that ensures a clean cut even in more challenging lawn conditions. Moreover, the inclusion of a rear roller not only allows you to achieve those highly sought-after lawn stripes but also stabilizes the mower when you’re cutting along edges.

Mountfield Princess 34 - Best for Medium Lawns

Mountfield doesn’t skimp on the extras either. The mower comes with a mulching plug, a feature often sold separately by other brands, which gives you the option to return finely cut grass clippings back to the soil as a natural fertilizer. The ergonomic design of the handles, with starter switches accessible to both left and right-handed users, showcases the thoughtfulness put into the mower’s design, prioritizing user comfort and convenience.

While the assembly of the grass collection box might be a bit tricky, this is a minor hiccup in what is otherwise a stellar product. Mountfield is a trusted name with a long history of innovation in the lawnmower market, and the Princess 38 is a testament to their commitment to quality and user satisfaction. It’s for these reasons that I recommend the Mountfield Princess 38 as the top electric lawnmower for medium-sized lawns. Whether you’re looking for efficiency, ease of use, or that professional striped finish, this mower checks all the boxes.

Mountfield Princess 34 Video Review


[letsreview postid=”8357″] Mountfield Princess 34 Review


Best Value Larger Lawns:
Bosch AdvancedRotak 650

Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 Review

Synonymous with quality, the Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 is often among the list of best electric lawn mowers. It is distinguished by its ProSilence feature that significantly reduces noise levels, which is a frequent positive in reviews. This mower provides a range of seven cutting heights, from 20mm to 80mm, effortlessly adjusted through its integrated system. Users highlight the mower’s lightweight build and the convenience of the LeafCollect blade, which is specifically designed to collect autumn leaves while mowing. This model, along with the Bosch Rotak 34 R, exemplifies Bosch’s commitment to providing the balance of functionality, ergonomics, and performance.

Main Features

  • For lawns of up to 650 m²
  • Blade length: 41 cm
  • Weight: 16 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Height: 7 (25mm – 80mm)
  • Grass box capacity: 50 L
  • 1700w Power
  • Cable length: 10m

Why I Chose this Mower as the Best Corded Electric Mower for Larger Lawns.

For those with larger lawns in the UK, the Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 electric lawnmower is my premium choice. This machine is a testament to Bosch’s longstanding reputation for innovation and quality in the world of garden maintenance. I’ve personally put the AdvancedRotak 650 through its paces on my own lawn, and I’ve detailed its performance in a full video review, so you can see just how effectively it operates.

With a substantial 41cm deck size paired with a capacious 50-litre grass collection box, this mower is engineered to manage lawns up to 650m². The 1700w motor delivers the power needed for extensive grass areas, ensuring a consistent and clean cut every time. But it’s not just about power; the AdvancedRotak 650 boasts features that elevate it above the competition. The ProSilence technology significantly reduces noise, allowing for a more peaceful mowing experience at a quiet 75dB.

Bosch AdvancedRotak 650

The mower’s integrated height adjustment means you can tailor your mowing height with ease, while the ErgoSlide system ensures smooth manoeuvrability. ErgoFlex handles provide ergonomic comfort, reducing strain on your arms and back, and the inclusion of a grass comb and LeafCollect blade demonstrates Bosch’s attention to the finer details of lawn care, ensuring a neat finish and effective leaf collection.

Though it comes at a higher price point, the investment in the Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 is justified by its superior design and functionality. The ergonomic features, including power buttons on both grips, make for a comfortable mowing experience that can be easily controlled with one hand. Despite its many positives, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider: the 10-metre cord may require an extension for some gardens, and the grass bag can be somewhat cumbersome to empty.

Nevertheless, these minor issues do not detract from the overall excellence of the Bosch AdvancedRotak 650. It’s a lawnmower that delivers on its promises, providing comfort, quiet operation, and a superb cut, with the added convenience of compact storage. For those with medium to large lawns, this mower is a wise choice that will make lawn maintenance a much more manageable and enjoyable task.

Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 Video Review


[letsreview postid=”5750″] Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 Full Review


Best for Striped Lawn Lawns (Rear Roller):

Cobra GTRM40 Review

The COBRA GTRM40 electric corded lawnmower is designed to offer a balance of power and convenience for effective lawn maintenance. It is equipped with a 1600-watt motor, which provides ample power to tackle typical garden grass with ease. The GTRM40 boasts a cutting width of 40 centimetres, which strikes a good balance between efficiency and manoeuvrability, making it suitable for medium-sized lawns typically found in domestic settings.

This mower offers a range of cutting heights, from 20mm to 75mm, which can be adjusted through a simple lever mechanism, allowing the user to select the perfect height for their lawn or to adapt to changing grass conditions throughout the seasons. The cutting height flexibility contributes to a healthier lawn by allowing for higher cuts in hotter weather, which can reduce stress on the grass. The GTRM40 also comes with a sizeable 40 litre grass collection box, which means less frequent emptying and more continuous mowing. This model is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic controls and a folding handle for easy storage.

Why I Chose this Mower as the Best Corded Electric Mower for Lawns Stripes.

Cobra GTRM40 Review

For those aiming to achieve the quintessential striped lawn effect in the UK, my top recommendation is the COBRA GTRM40 electric lawnmower. Having tested this mower extensively on my own lawn, I can confidently endorse its capabilities, and Cobra’s reputation for innovation in the lawnmower market is well represented in this model.

The GTRM40 boasts a substantial 40cm cutting deck, which is complemented by a 40-litre hybrid folding grass collection box. This sizeable combination means you can mow a significant area of your lawn—up to 550m²—without the constant need to empty the clippings. The 1600w motor is both powerful and efficient, ensuring that even larger lawns can be maintained with ease.

Cobra has designed the GTRM40 with versatility in mind. The 2-in-1 cutting features allow you to choose between cut and collect or mulching, giving you the flexibility to either bag your clippings or naturally fertilize your lawn with mulched grass. The rear roller is a key feature for those desiring a striped finish, as it flattens the grass in a uniform direction, creating that classic, manicured look.

The mower’s ability to cut to the edge reduces the need for additional trimming, saving time and effort. The padded handles provide comfort during use, and the full-width starter bar is a convenient touch, adding to the overall ergonomics of the machine. Additionally, the larger rear wheels enhance manoeuvrability and stability, making it easier to navigate around your garden.

Cobra offers a 2-year warranty on the GTRM40, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. Other notable features include:

  • A range of 7 cutting heights from 20mm to 75mm, allowing for precision lawn care.
  • A mulching plug included, so you can switch to mulching mode without additional expenses.
  • Comfortable padded handles for a better grip and reduced fatigue.
  • Quick-release folding handles for compact storage and easy transport.

I’ve put this mower through its paces and can attest to its performance. While Cobra may not be as widely recognised as some other brands, their focus on lawn care innovation is evident in the GTRM40. For anyone seeking a striped lawn effect with a reliable, versatile, and powerful electric mower, the COBRA GTRM40 is an excellent choice.


[letsreview postid=”21075″] Cobra GTRM40 Full Review


 Advantages of Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Advantages of Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

We understand that choosing the right lawn mower is crucial for garden upkeep. Therefore, it is important to unfurl the specific benefits of corded electric lawn mowers. These machines offer a blend of efficiency, environmental friendliness, and fiscal prudence that make them an excellent choice for many gardeners.

Continuous Power Supply and Reliability

With a corded electric lawn mower, you never have to worry about running out of power mid-mow. The direct connection to an electrical outlet ensures a continuous power supply. This feature provides a reliable and consistent performance, making it possible for us to tackle extensive lawns without the interruption of recharging batteries. Besides, the powerful motor in these mowers allows us to handle tougher grass with ease.

Environmental Benefits

Electric mowers are significantly more environment-friendly compared to their petrol counterparts. They produce zero emissions while operating, which contributes to lowering our carbon footprint. In addition, they offer the advantage of operating quietly, thus reducing noise pollution in our neighbourhoods.

Cost-Effectiveness and Maintenance

One of the primary advantages of employing a corded lawnmower is the cost efficiency. They tend to be more affordable than battery or petrol models, both in initial purchase and operational costs. Furthermore, maintenance requirements for these machines are minimal. There are no oil changes, no fuel to purchase, and no batteries to replace, making the electric mower an economically sensible choice over time.

Key Features to Consider

Best Electric Corded Lawnmower

When selecting a corded electric lawnmower in the UK, certain key features can significantly affect performance and convenience. We highlight these imperative aspects below to ensure you invest in a mower that best suits your garden’s needs.

Power and Motor Performance

A lawnmower’s power, typically measured in watts (W), directly impacts its ability to tackle dense grass and overgrown lawns. We recommend opting for a motor with a power output suitable for your lawn size and grass density. High-performance motors not only provide consistent cutting but can also prolong the lifespan of your machine.

Cutting Width and Height Adjustment

The cutting width of a mower determines how much grass it can cut in one pass. A larger cutting width can save time on larger lawns, while a smaller width is ideal for navigating through tighter spaces and garden obstacles. Look for mowers that offer a range of cutting height adjustments; this flexibility allows for precision trimming to maintain your lawn’s health and appearance.

Grass Management Options

Grass Management Options

Grass Collection Box: It is crucial to consider the capacity of the grass collection box to minimise the frequency of emptying it during a mow. A larger box can hold more grass clippings, reducing downtime.

Grass Mulching: Some mowers offer a mulching feature that finely chops the clippings and distributes them back onto the lawn, providing nutrients and reducing waste.

The grass management system should align with your garden maintenance preference – whether you favour direct collection of clippings or a mulching option that feeds your lawn. Mowers with an efficient grass collector are also valuable for a clean finish.

In summary, we have discussed essential features such as motor efficiency, cutting dimensions, and grass management systems that are paramount when choosing a corded electric lawnmower. Make sure that the model you select is lightweight and has an easy-to-adjust height mechanism to maximise user comfort and control.


Choosing the Best Electric Corded Lawnmower for Your Garden Size

When selecting the perfect electric corded lawnmower, we must consider the size and conditions of the garden to ensure efficient and effective lawn care.

Small to Medium Gardens

For small to medium gardens, we’re looking at electric corded mowers that offer ease of manoeuvrability in tight spaces and consistency in cutting small to medium lawns. Here, a mower with a cutting width of 30-34 centimetres should be quite suitable:

  • Cutting width: 30-34 cm
  • Grass box capacity: 30-40 litres

This size typically handles regular lawn maintenance with ease and won’t bog down when faced with damp grass. The compact size also aids in easy storage, which is often a concern in smaller sheds or garages.

Large Gardens and Tough Conditions

For our large gardens, or areas with tougher conditions such as wetter climates or more challenging terrain, a more robust mower is necessary. These mowers should offer wider cutting paths and more powerful motors to deal with larger areas and damp grass without losing efficiency. For large lawns, we suggest the following specifications:

  • Cutting width: 38-40+ cm
  • Grass box capacity: 50+ litres
  • Motor power: 1600+ W

A larger cutting width helps to reduce the time spent on lawn care, while a bigger grass box means less frequent emptying. A robust motor ensures that the mower can power through overgrowth and damp grass without struggling.

Lawn Sizes to Lawn Mower Deck Guide

Size of lawnSquare metres (Square Feet)Deck Size
Small lawnLess than 200m² (2200 Sq. Ft.)30cm to 34cm (12" to 14")
Medium lawn200m² to 350m² (2200 to 3800 Sq. Ft.)34cm to 40cm (14" to 16")
Large lawn350m² + (3800 Sq. Ft. +)Over 40cm (Over 16")

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the common queries potential buyers have regarding electric corded lawnmowers in the UK, focusing on features, performance, brands, and suitability for garden sizes.

What features should I consider when selecting the best electric corded lawnmower for a large garden?

For a large garden, we recommend looking for a lawnmower with a wide cutting width to cover more area quickly, a long power cable to reach the farthest corners, and adjustable height settings to handle varying grass lengths. A powerful motor will also aid in dealing with tougher, denser grass patches efficiently.

How do corded electric lawnmowers perform compared to cordless models?

Corded electric lawnmowers provide consistent power without the need for battery recharging, making them reliable for extended mowing sessions. They tend to be lighter than cordless models because they do not carry a battery pack. However, their range is limited by the length of the power cord.

Can you recommend a durable brand of electric corded lawnmower that’s available in the UK?

Bosch is a reputable brand that offers durable electric corded lawnmowers in the UK market. Their models frequently come with robust designs and are backed by solid warranties, offering peace of mind to consumers looking for longevity.

Which electric corded lawnmowers are suitable for small to medium sized gardens?

For small to medium sized gardens, Flymo and LawnMaster provide compact and manoeuvrable electric corded mowers with narrower cutting widths. These models are easy to store and ideal for navigating through smaller garden spaces with ease.

Are there any British-made electric corded lawnmowers that stand out for their quality?

Hayter and Webb are British brands known for their high-quality electric corded mowers, which are designed to cope with the UK’s varied grass types and weather conditions. They are well-respected in the market for their robust construction and reliable performance.

What are the advantages of using an electric corded lawnmower with a roller?

An electric corded lawnmower with a roller is excellent for achieving a striped finish on the lawn, giving it that classic British aesthetic. The roller also helps to flatten the grass as it cuts, which can result in a neater, more even cut, particularly on undulating ground.


Your 5-Step Visual Guide to Choosing the Perfect Electric Lawnmower

Your 5-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Electric Lawnmower Infographic


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