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My Best Battery Cordless Lawnmowers for 2024

Mark Haley helps you find the best lawnmower

In my quest to find the perfect lawn mower for every garden out there, I’ve conducted extensive tests on the latest cordless models of 2024. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Cobra MX4140V, and it struck me as the best overall option. It boasts a steel deck that imparts a sturdy feel akin to a petrol mower, complemented by ergonomically designed handles. This model has a 41cm cutting width and a 4 amp-hour battery, making it ideal for lawns up to 400 square metres.

For smaller gardens, I’ve discovered the Lawn Master CLMF2434G is a fantastic value. Its comprehensive features include a mulching plug right out of the box an a rear roller for those seeking neat lawn stripes. It’s easy to manoeuvre at just 11.4kg and offers a range of six cutting heights. This equipment doesn’t compromise on functionality despite its affordability, making it a top choice for compact lawns.

Best Overall Cordless Lawn Mower

Cobra MX4140V Features

Benefits of Cordless Lawnmowers

My best overall cordless lawn mower is the Cobra MX4140V. It’s an excellent machine that combines quality, build, and value for money effectively. The steel deck provides a durable and premium feel, similar to what you would expect from a petrol mower. Ergonomic handles contribute to a comfortable mowing experience.

  • Deck Size: 41cm
  • Battery: 4 amp-hour
  • Lawn Coverage: Up to 400m²
  • Cutting Heights: Seven options, ranging down to 25mm

Testing Procedure and Results

I’ve carried out extensive tests on my own lawn to judge the performance of this mower. I ensured to examine how the mower handles various conditions and tasks:

  • Mulching: Checked efficiency
  • Cutting Quality: Assessed on different grass lengths

The results? I was thoroughly impressed. The mower handled the lawn with ease, producing a clean and even cut throughout.


While there is much to praise about the Cobra MX4140V, it is important to note:

  • Striped Lawn: This mower will not create a striped finish. However, Cobra offers a similar model with a rear roller for those desiring stripes, the RM 4140V.

Respective specifications and comparisons for these mowers are available on my website, helping inform your choice further.

Best Value for Smaller Lawns

Lawn Master CLMF2434G Advantages

LawnMaster 41cm Full Review

The Lawn Master CLMF2434G offers an incredible balance of functionality and affordability, making it my top recommendation for smaller lawns. Its robust build quality emulates more expensive models without compromising on price. I appreciate the ergonomic design, particularly the handles that collapse flat for compact storage – a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. At just 11.4kg, it’s lightweight, manoeuvrable, and a breeze to operate, even in tighter spaces.

Functions and Usability

My experience with the Lawn Master CLMF2434G has been that it’s a versatile machine, delivering more than expected. It features a two-in-one function: not only can it collect clippings, but it comes with a mulching plug and corresponding blade right out of the box. The height can be adjusted across six levels, from a trim 20mm to a lusher 70mm. The inclusion of a rear roller caters to those desiring a classic striped finish to their turf.

Power Share Options

One aspect of the Lawn Master CLMF2434G that I find particularly attractive is its battery compatibility. The power share options extend its utility; the same battery used for this mower can be interchanged with other tools from Lawn Master’s range. This is great for gardeners who are looking to streamline their collection of cordless tools, including hedge trimmersgrass trimmers, and leaf blowers.

Performance on Long Grass

The CLMF2434G has been rigorously tested on various turf conditions, including conspicuously long grass, and it delivers commendable cutting performance. This shows the mower is not only suitable for maintenance but also robust enough to tackle overgrowth without faltering – a testament to its resilience and engineering.

Comparison Table and Discounts

For those who find the 34 CM cutting width too modest, Lawn Master has options with larger deck sizes. A comparison table on my website outlines the differences between models, helping you identify which mower best suits your needs. Also, make sure to look out for discount codes I occasionally offer, delivering even more value for your investment.

Don’t forget, before making any purchase, to check for exclusive offers that may be available to my viewers.

Best Value for Medium Lawns

Greenworks G4LM41K2 Description

Greenworks G40LM41K2x Power System

I found the Greenworks 41 CM cordless lawn mower G4LM41K2 to be a top contender as it represents a superb blend of functionality and efficiency for medium-sized gardens. The G4LM41K2 model boasts a multitude of features that affirm its position as a valuable asset for maintaining lawns up to 300 square metres. A significant addition is the built-in mulching facility which simplifies the process, streamlining garden maintenance. Furthermore, the 50 L grass bag is entirely mesh, allowing for notable airflow and exceptional collection performance.

Battery and Power Sharing

One of the most remarkable facets of the Greenworks 40 Volt range is its power-sharing capability. Owning this lawn mower enables the use of the same batteries across a wide array of Greenworks tools, including chainsaws and lawn scarifiers. It is this versatility that increases the overall value of the investment, granting access to a fully-integrated suite of gardening tools controlled by the same power source.

Charging Time and Guarantee

The fast charger presents an opportunity to rapidly replenish battery life, managing a 30-minute charge time for the 2 Amp Hour batteries. Moreover, Greenworks demonstrates supreme confidence in their product by offering a 3-year guarantee. This surpasses the industry standard of 2 years and is a testament to the quality and durability that Greenworks imbues in its lawnmowers.

Operation and Performance

Operationally, the G4LM41K2 excels with an extensive range of cutting heights from 25 mm to 80 mm, catering to various grass lengths and preferences. The absence of a rear roller, however, does denote that creating a striped lawn effect is not feasible with this model. Should a striped finish be a priority, alternative options will need to be considered.

Battery Options Overview

The lawnmower’s versatility extends to its battery options. The 2 Amp Hour battery is adept at covering an area of approximately 250 square metres, while the larger 8 Amp Hour battery expands this up to an impressive 1000 square metres. This flexibility allows me to cater to a wide range of lawn sizes and to ensure the best match between the mower’s capability and the garden’s requirements.

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